TERGITOL™ L-61 Surfactant

It is a nonionic surfactant, efficient foam control agent because of its low foam characteristics, inverse water solubility, high thermal and chemical stability, with good steric stabilization. It is used in foam control processes such as fermentation of monosodium glutamate, lactic and citric acids; food processing; food washing; water treatment; and metal working products. Low surface tension makes it a particularly efficient rinse aid and low foam wetting agent in auto dish detergents, industrial and institutional cleaning, and in cleaning-place (CIP) applications such as food, dairy, and brewery cleaning. It can be used in oilfield drilling and production formulations.


  • Cleaning
  • Paint and coatings
  • Fermentation
  • Pulp and paper
  • Other industrial applications


  • Flexible properties for defoaming, wetting and emulsifying
  • A range of solubility levels which provide excellent solvency
  • Low foam characteristics
  • Thermal and chemical stability
  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable surfactants which meet the European Surfactants Detergent Regulation requirements
  • Provides excellent foam control



  • % Actives 90-100
  • Biodegradable Materials true
  • Cloud Point 34
  • CMC/Surface Tension -/40
  • Foam Height 0/0
  • HLB 3
  • Pour Point -32

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TERGITOL™ L-61 Surfactant
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TERGITOL™ L-61 Surfactant


TERGITOL™ L-61 Surfactant
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