TAMOL™ 983 Dispersant

Versatile, low-cost, non-foaming, water-soluble polyacid dispersant which offers excellent performance in a wide range of latex paint formulations. It is recommended for low sheen flat through semi-gloss acrylic, styrene-acrylic and vinyl acrylic formulations and is effective over a pH range of 7 to 11 with a wide temperature range. Supplied at 35% solids in the potassium form. It is highly compatible with anionic HASE associative rheology modifiers. Can be used with ACRYSOL™ DR-series Rheology Modifiers, offering excellent heat age and viscosity stability. It is a very low foaming dispersant and has excellent color acceptance with glycol and water dispersed colorants, including hard to disperse pigments such as red iron oxide.


  • Standard and economy interior and exterior paints
  • Flat to gloss formulations
  • Water-based architectural coatings


  • Wide versatility
  • Improved color acceptance in tint bases
  • Excellent stability
  • High gloss potential



  • % Solids 45 %
  • pH (as Supplied) 7.25
  • Use Level on Pigment 0.3 - 1.0 %
  • 中性化

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TAMOL™ 983 Dispersant
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TAMOL™ 983 Dispersant


TAMOL™ 983 Dispersant
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