TAMOL™ 1124 Dispersant

A hydrophilic copolymer dispersant supplied in the ammonia form at 50% solids. Thep product offers outstanding performance in a wide range of latex paint formulations from high gloss enamels to low sheen flatsand was designed to maximize gloss potential, maximize color acceptance, and minimize foam generation. It is a universal dispersant for compatibility with associative rheology modifiers as it is compatible with both anionic HASE and nonionic HEUR rheology modifiers.


  • A pigment dispersant in a wide range of latex paint formulations
  • A dispersant in a wide range of latex paint formulations
  • Semi-gloss and gloss paint
  • For Additive Applications
  • For flooring adhesive formulations


  • Polyacid, hydrophilic comonomer, and hydrophobic comonomer dispersants
  • Compatibility with ACRYSOL™ HASE or HEUR rheology modifiers
  • Compatible with TiO2, functional, and extender pigments
  • Versatility in flat to gloss interior/exterior paints
  • Usage in economy/standard/premium paints
  • APEO-free
  • Offers excellent heat-age and shelf stability in paints



  • % Solids 50 %
  • pH (as Supplied) 7
  • Supplied Form 液态
  • Use Level on Pigment 0.5 - 1.0 %
  • 中性化

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TAMOL™ 1124 Dispersant
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TAMOL™ 1124 Dispersant


TAMOL™ 1124 Dispersant
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