SYL-OFF™ 7990 Emulsion Coating

One component of a multicomponent silicone release coating system. It is designed to be blended with Syl-Off® EM 7975 Catalyst Emulsion.



  • Active Content 40 %
  • Color 乳白色
  • Flash Point, Closed Cup > 100 °C
  • pH 5
  • Specific Gravity @ 25C 0.99
  • SYL-OFF™ EM 7975 Catalyst Emulsion
    An emulsion based silicone catalyst that provides excellent bakery release performance, specifically developed for application during the paper making process.

  • SYL-OFF™ 7920 Emulsion Coating
    Emulsion coating pre-formulated with crosslinker. Provides premium release performance and excellent bath life. Suitable for use in acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive release applications.

  • SYL-OFF™ 4000 Catalyst
    General purpose catalyst which is compatible with all Syl-off® brand solvent based and solventless release coating systems as well as Plantinum cure silicone PSAs.

  • SYL-OFF™ EM 7931 Release Modifier
    Emulsion based silicone release modifier, providing premium cure performance

  • SYL-OFF™ SL 7028 Crosslinker
    Crosslinker designed to be used with for Syl-Off® brand solventless and solvent based silicone release coatings and DOWSIL™ brand low adhesion silicone PSAs.

  • SYL-OFF™ SL 9176 Anchorage Additive
    Solventless additive designed to improve anchorage of silicone release coatings to unprimed polyester films.

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SYL-OFF™ 7990 Emulsion Coating
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SYL-OFF™ 7990 Emulsion Coating


SYL-OFF™ 7990 Emulsion Coating
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