SPECTRACE™ Direct Read Molecular Markers

Molecular markers, useful for simple fuel and brand identification are completely miscible with all fuels and compatible with dyed petroleum products.


  • The differentiation of various grades, tax classifications or brands of heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene and gasoline
  • The detection of fuel adulteration or comingling
  • The monitoring of the amount of additive package present in petroleum products


  • Completely miscible with all fuels
  • Detected by an instrument-based, accurate and simple field test procedure
  • Back up laboratory test procedure available
  • Compatible with dyed petroleum products
  • Resistant to simple removal techniques, making misuse easily detectable
  • Results are quantitative, giving the user the amount of adulterant present
  • Proprietary, patented fuel markers
  • Requires no reagent, non-destructive testing
  • Simple, fast and highly accurate detection method for quantifying marker presence in fuels at the roadside
  • Digital read-out
  • Fast detection, less than one minute for one test
  • The test kit is extremely portable and provided in a travel case



  • Coloration 燃油
  • Type 燃油示踪剂

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SPECTRACE™ Direct Read Molecular Markers
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SPECTRACE™ Direct Read Molecular Markers


SPECTRACE™ Direct Read Molecular Markers
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