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SILASTIC™ 3631 Kit

Two-part, solvent free, heat-cured liquid silicone rubber.



  • Color 透明
  • Durometer - Shore A 19 Shore A
  • Dynamic Viscosity 90000 Centipoise
  • Elongation 800 %
  • Heat Cure 2.5 Minutes @ 80 Deg C, 0.5 Minutes @ 110 Deg C, 0.25 Minutes @ 130 Deg C
  • Low Odor true
  • Mix Ratio A:B 1:1 混合
  • Modulus @ 150% Elongation, maximum 40.6 psi
  • Pot Life 45 Minutes
  • Shelf Life 360 Days
  • Solventless true
  • Tear Strength 91.4 ppi
  • Tensile Strength 725.2 psi
  • SILASTIC™ 3715 Topcoat
    A 2 part solventless silicone top coat that cures to a very hard and very low friction surface that is anti-soiling and dirt repellent. It is suitable as a top coat on high friction, blocking silicone surfaces.

  • SILASTIC™ LCF 9600 Series Textile Printing Ink Base

    A silicone product designed for manual screen printing processes. This base is part of a printing ink system and needs to be used with SILASTIC™ 9600 Series Textile Printing Ink - Catalyst and a color masterbatch. SILASTIC™ 9600’s coloring process is simple and achieved by mixing the base with a silicone-pigment masterbatch. The subsequent addition of unpigmented catalyst has little effect on the printing ink color. After curing, the printing exhibits a mat appearance. SILASTIC™ 9600 Textile Printing Ink is an environmentally friendly product and does not contain organotin, phthalate or solvent.

  • SILASTIC™ LCF 9600 Series Textile Printing Ink Catalyst
    High-elongation, tack-free silicone ink for textile printing

  • DOWSIL™ 9332 A&B

  • SILASTIC™ LCF 3600 Coating

    A 2 part liquid silicone rubber for fabric coating.

  • DOWSIL™ LC 9608 Textile Printing Retardant
    Retardant for textile screen printing

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SILASTIC™ 3631 Kit
如需了解更多信息,请 联系陶氏


SILASTIC™ 3631 Kit


SILASTIC™ 3631 Kit
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