PRIMAL™ WL-100 Emulsion

Acrylic-styrene copolymer designed for high-gloss, waterborne industrial coatings where an attractive appearance and excellent dry and wet adhesion are important considerations. The favorable colloidal stability (robustness) accommodates a broad range of formulation types and formulation process techniques, offering the formulator with a versatile binder for a variety of applications. Robustness, along with 50% weight solids, allows the formulator to achieve volume solids above conventional waterborne binders.


  • High-gloss waterborne plastic coatings
  • Industrial Lacquers
  • Waterborne Coatings for Plastics
  • Clear and pigmented ambient or forced air-dry industrial enamels
  • Clear and pigmented ambient or forced-air-dry industrial lacquers
  • Sealers
  • Architectural Interior Clear Wood Finishes


  • Excellent dry
  • Wide formulation latitude and applications
  • Favorable formulation cost/performance balance
  • Excellent adhesion to plastics
  • Lacquer-like fast drying
  • Lacquer-like hardness development
  • Compatibility with water-reducible alkyds
  • Improved resistance to corrosion
  • Self-thickening
  • Broad formulating latitude
  • Earlier handling of freshly coated items without film damage
  • Resist dust and dirt pickup
  • Improved early water resistance properties
  • Low VOC
  • Excellent spray, dip-coat and flow-coat characteristics
  • Rapid hardness development
  • Exterior durability
  • Good gloss and image clarity
  • Adhesion to substrates: wood, pretreated steel, pretreated aluminum, and some plastics
  • Lower cost than most acrylic-urethane and solvent-based sealers
  • High gloss
  • Superior chemical and oil resistance
  • Good film toughness
  • Ease of formulation
  • Freeze/thaw stability
  • More effective in meeting health, safety, and environmental standards than solvent-based systems
  • VOC Compliant formulations
  • Good clarity
  • Good flow and leveling
  • Excellent chemical and stain resistance
  • Outstanding block resistance
  • Excellent mar resistance

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PRIMAL™ WL-100 Emulsion
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PRIMAL™ WL-100 Emulsion


PRIMAL™ WL-100 Emulsion
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