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PRIMAL™ WDV-2001 ER Emulsion Polymer

100% acrylic emulsion with solar-UV-curing technology which can offer excellent exterior durability, water resistance, dirt pick-up resistance and mechanical stability and elasticity (including crack bridging) for use in flat and textured finishes. Manufactured without the use of APEO* surfactants and no added formaldehyde* or formaldehyde generators*, enabling the formulator to develop coatings for building projects with stringent environmental and building code regulations. The advanced technology combined with its mechanical and dirt-pick-up resistance properties that enables the formulation of anti-carbonation-type coatings suiting a harsh environment and capable of passing many of the elongation, pulloff strength, crack-bridging, CO2 diffusion and water vapour transmission specifications commonly required for this category of coatings. The general formulating space for such a coating based on WDV 2001 ER is around 35 +/-3 % PVC at approximately 40+/-2% volume solids and an applied dry-film thickness of about 140+/-10 microns/coat. Textured finishes can be applied to all vertical masonry surfaces, transforming them from bland expanses of masonry into attractive and durable pieces of architecture. Trowel applied finishes are also employed as a decorative finish for EIFS (External Insulation and Finishing Systems), utilising polystyrene foam as the substrate. The size and shape of aggregates and fillers used have a dramatic effect on texture systems. Particularly in "scratch" finishes, the coarsest grades should be rounded pebbles or washed river sands which "roll" through the coating to give texture. If the coarser grades are made from crushed, angular materials, it is more difficult to apply in a uniform manner. Cement compatible and can therefore be used in 2-pack cementitious basecoats and adhesives.


  • Ready-to-use dispersion based render


  • PRIMAL/UCAR/FINNDISP binders contribute to the durability of EIFS / ETICS & dispersion based render through enhancing features such as dirt pick-up, water resistance or UV stability. 
  • The portfolio includes silicate stable and cement stable products as well as highly hydrophobic grades.



  • % Solids 46.5 %
  • Chemistry 100%丙烯酸
  • Coalescent Demand 4 - 5 %
  • ECO Benefits 无AEO, 低挥发性有机化合物
  • Masonry Adhesion 最佳
  • MFFT-Minimum Film Formation Temp 11 °C
  • VOC Capable (g/L) < 50
  • 使用 Interior, Exterior

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PRIMAL™ WDV-2001 ER Emulsion Polymer
如需了解更多信息,请 联系陶氏

PRIMAL™ WDV-2001 ER Emulsion Polymer


PRIMAL™ WDV-2001 ER Emulsion Polymer
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