PRIMAL™ IW-DD30 Emulsion

Designed for use in factory-applied, or on site applied, 1k waterborne topcoat applications for interior wood coatings. It offers superior early block resistance and the ability to formulate for very low VOC for both decorative as well as industrial applications. Suggested as a sealer and topcoat in clear coatings for high quality applications as kitchen cabinets, interior joinery, flooring or design furniture, where a good balance between chemical resistance and scratch resistance is required. Considered as a replacement for 2k PU, PUD or UV systems due to its good balance between chemical resistance and scratch resistance. Blending with other resins will compromise the performance significantly. Blending with other resins is therefore NOT suggested.


  • Furniture
  • floor
  • Clear basecoat and topcoat
  • Pimented topcoat


  • Polyurethane acrylic dispersation with ambient self-crosslink
  • Good balance of hardness and flexibility
  • Good water resistance and chemical resistance
  • Quick hardness development and early block resistance



  • % Solids 60.5 %
  • % Solids Range 60.0-61.0 %

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PRIMAL™ IW-DD30 Emulsion
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PRIMAL™ IW-DD30 Emulsion


PRIMAL™ IW-DD30 Emulsion
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