POLYCO™ 2160HT Emulsion

Vinyl acetate-acrylic binders for paper applications.


  • For Paper and Paperboard Coatings
  • Offers a good balance of properties for many paper and paperboard applications
  • Vinyl acrylic copolymer designed to help replace natural binders such as casein and protein
  • Recommended for paper coating applications where improvement in rheology properties is required, along with improved ink and varnish holdout


  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Very low grit levels
  • Medium particle size with good pigment binding ability
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent strength properties for offset printingenhanced optical coverage for low brightness base stock
  • Excellent glueability properties
  • Good glossbalanced ink receptivity to a variety of coating applications
  • Provides an economic alternative to natural binder
  • Easy to handle and formulate
  • Good balance of properties for many paperboard and paper applications
  • Large particle size which contributes to improved optical properties
  • Exhibits good mechanical stability and exceptional rheology



  • % Solids 49-51 %
  • % Solids Range 50 %
  • pH 7
  • pH Range 6.5-8
  • Tg-Glass Transition Temp 37 °C
  • Viscosity 30 cP
  • Viscosity Range <200 cP

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POLYCO™ 2160HT Emulsion
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POLYCO™ 2160HT Emulsion


POLYCO™ 2160HT Emulsion
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