PARALOID™ K-120N Acrylic Processing Aid

Acrylic processing aid in free-flowing powder form that improves the melt processing characteristics of rigid and plasticized vinyl (PVC) compounds.


  • Specialty injection molding
  • Vinyl applications that require critical rheological properties
  • Blow-molding bottles
  • Rigid and flexible calendered film
  • Extruded construction products
  • Blown or extruded vinyl film
  • Packaging film
  • Rigid containers
  • Technical film
  • Fence, deck and rail
  • PVC plastics
  • Siding
  • Window frames/profiles
  • High-efficiency processing aid for many PVC applications
  • packaging applications.
  • Finished parts
  • Foam modifie for the industry standard of foamed PVC
  • Used in cellular PVC to raise melt strength and impart lubricity during extrusion.
  • For use as an impact modifier for high output profile extrusion
  • Foam core pipes
  • Foam profile formulations
  • Cellular vinyl sheet applications
  • High foam applications
  • High-efficiency lubricant processing aid for many PVC applications


  • Clarity and excellent dispersion
  • Shortened fusion time
  • More homogenous melt
  • Excellent metal strength and parison control
  • Smooth, glossy surfaces free of surface imperfections
  • Increased output rates and improved production efficiency
  • Improves flow characteristics of vinyl compounds, resulting in fewer defects
  • Improves processing of high-molecular-weight vinyl without significantly affecting its physical and chemical properties
  • Compatible with all commonly used grades of vinyl resin
  • Prevents shredding and significantly improves calendering
  • Lower-dusting properties help to reduce safety hazards
  • Imparts melt homogeneity to rigid vinyl, resulting in improved weld-line strength, mold cavity fill, and uniform gloss
  • 25% efficiency improvement over standard process aids
  • High dispersibility in PVC melt
  • Excellent fusion promotion
  • Outstanding melt strength enhancement
  • lower-dusting processing aid
  • Reduces sticking and plate-out without affecting the clarity or compatibility of the vinyl
  • Reduce foam density and increase impact strength
  • Multi-functional process aid incorporating lubricating properties with the melt strength enhancement.
  • Low torque
  • Fusion adapted tolatest equipment
  • High melt strength
  • High melt expansion
  • Low density
  • Low density
  • Lower use cost
  • Improved dosage efficiency compared to PARALOID™ K-400
  • Excellent sheet uniformity
  • Gelation rate adapted to latest equipment
  • Low density foamed-PVC
  • Faster fusion speed than peer grades

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PARALOID™ K-120N Acrylic Processing Aid
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PARALOID™ K-120N Acrylic Processing Aid


PARALOID™ K-120N Acrylic Processing Aid
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