PARALOID™ AE-1285 Resin

High solids acrylic resin that can be formulated with epoxy resins to a VOC at or below 3.5 lbs/gallon (420 grams/liter) in ambient cure formulations. Two component, high performance topcoats, formulated with liquid "aromatic" Bisphenol A type epoxy resins such as Araldite GY-6010 modified polyamidoamine, offer a lower cost alternative to acrylic urethanes with similar performance. When used with "aliphatic," sorbitol based epoxy resins such as Erisys GE-60 epoxy resin, a unique balance of properties is obtained which may be of interest to the epoxy formulator. Specifically, the coatings are more flexible and develop their ultimate properties faster. While early results indicate that coatings containing PARALOID™ AE-1285 Acrylic Curing Agent with Erisys GE-60 epoxy resin are not as durable as coatings containing aromatic type epoxy resin, they are still significantly more durable than coatings based on non-acrylic curing agents with Erisys GE-60 epoxy resin.


  • Suitable for the Agricultural and construction equipment market (ACE)


  • Crosslinks with epoxy resins at ambient temperature
  • Can be formulated to 3.5 LBS/Gal VOC
  • A non-isocyanate alternative to polyurethane coatings



  • % Solids 69 %
  • % Solids Range 57.0-59.0 %

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PARALOID™ AE-1285 Resin
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PARALOID™ AE-1285 Resin


PARALOID™ AE-1285 Resin
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