PARALOID B-56 100% Resin

Designed for use in the lower VOC concrete sealer/paint markets, meets the need for a product with minimum application solids of 25% and viscosity suitable for application with standard low-shear deck spraying equipment. This application performance may be accomplished with a variety of solvent choices, even those with higher flash points (above 100°F), at VOC levels calculated between 400 - 700 grams / liter. Also suitable for general metal applications, maintenance coating uses, plastics coatings, and as a letdown (in combination with nitrocellulose) resin in gravure inks. Broad resin compatibility and wide solvent use potential increase the market appeal. The overall film performance exhibited by is similar to that of the parent product in this family of all-acrylic products, PARALOID™ B-66 Thermoplastic Solution Resin (100%).


  • Excellent general purpose resin, used in coatings over metal, wood, plastics, and stamped concrete
  • Aerosol coatings
  • Inks and graphic arts
  • General product finishes


  • Fast solvent release / fast dry
  • Lower residual toluene



  • % Solids 100 %
  • % Solids Range 49.0-51.0 %

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PARALOID B-56 100% Resin
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PARALOID B-56 100% Resin


PARALOID B-56 100% Resin
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