MAINCOTE™ CO-4180 Emulsion

Thermosetting acrylic emulsion polymer designed for the factory pre-finishing of coil coatings destined for outdoor use. Coatings using this vehicle are very durable. Typically blended with other 100% acrylic emulsion polymers to tailor adhesion and flexibility for specific substrate and end-use application requirements. Rapid cross-linking, coil coatings without catalyst will occur when the coating reaches a surface temperature of 230 Celsius or higher. With suitable catalysis and sufficient peak surface temperature, coatings based on MAINCOTE CO-4180 Acrylic Emulsion can begin to crosslink at 135-150 Celsius.


  • Low VOC industrial maintenance and DIY primers and topcoats
  • High Performance Metal Protection Applications


  • Excellent cost/performance balance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High gloss potential and excellent durability
  • High performance, single resin that can be used in many different applications, including direct-to-metal coatings
  • Lowest VOC formulations at 100g/L or less APEO-free
  • Ambient self-crosslinking
  • APEO-free
  • Quick hardness development
  • Exceptional adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • EN-12944
  • C3
  • High corrosion resistance (DTM)
  • Low VOC formulations capable
  • High gloss potential and excellent durability and dirk pick up resistance properties APEO is not intentionally added and is not knowingly introduced from another raw material



  • % Solids 45 %
  • % Solids Range 44.5-45.5 %

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MAINCOTE™ CO-4180 Emulsion
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MAINCOTE™ CO-4180 Emulsion


MAINCOTE™ CO-4180 Emulsion
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