DOWSIL™ TC-4605 A&B Kit

Two-part, 1 to 1 gray silicone elastomer, heat cure for manufacturing flexibility, thermally conductive encapsulant/pottant for electronics, providing protection from different environmental conditions and thermal management.



  • Adhesion to 铝材, 阳极电镀铝
  • Color 灰色
  • Dielectric Strength (kV/mm) 21 kV/mm
  • Durometer - Shore A 30 Shore A
  • Elongation 100 %
  • Pot Life 135 Minutes
  • Shelf Life 270 Days
  • Solution Viscosity 2900 Centipoise
  • Specific Gravity 1.67
  • Tensile Strength 110 psi
  • Thermal Conductivity 1 Watts per meter K
  • Viscosity (Part A) 3100 mPa.s
  • Viscosity (Part B) 2500 mPa.s
  • Volume Resistivity 3.3e+014 ohm-centimeters
  • DOWSIL™ 3-4241 Dielectric Tough Gel Kit
    Two-part, translucent green, RT or heat cure, UV indicator, long working time, tough primerless chemical adhesion, UL 94 V-1 flammability classification.

  • DOWSIL™ EI-1184 Optical Encapsulant
    A 1:1 mix ratio, fast curing, 2-part silicone encapsulant suitable for encapsulating rigid and flexible circuit boards indoor and outdoor LED Lighting applications.

  • DOWSIL™ EA-4600 HM RTV Black UV
    A moisture curing silicone adhesive formulated to have immediate green strength to offer assembly improvements. Products made with this adhesive can be immediately handled. As a viscoelastic material when cured and then exposed to high temperatures, this product will soften but recovers to its typical properties when cooled down.

  • SYLGARD™ 527 A&B Silicone Dielectric Gel

    A two-part, 1 to 1 mix ratio dielectric gel that is suitable for sealing and protecting various electronic devices, especially those with delicate components.

  • DOWSIL™ 3-1953 Conformal Coating
    One-part, translucent, fast moisture RTV cure with mild heat acceleration possible, soft, stress-relieving, contains UV indicator.

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DOWSIL™ TC-4605 A&B Kit
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DOWSIL™ TC-4605 A&B Kit


DOWSIL™ TC-4605 A&B Kit
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