DOWSIL™ EE-3200 Low Stress Silicone Encapsulant

Has a very low hardness and viscosity to minimize internal stress generation, fill small gaps, and improve manufacturing speed for complex and high volume electronic devices.


  • Low modulus reduces pressure on components
  • Thermal conductivity effectively dissipates heat
  • Good mechanical adhesion avoids delamination issues
  • Fast cure and optimized working time allows for more complex designs and lower module cost
  • Dielectric strength and volume resistivity reduce costs as no additional dielectric barrier is required
  • Ease of use – low viscosity allows fast fill and fit with high throughput manufacturing processes
  • Minimal filler settling allows for ease of process control
  • Meets certification requirements



  • Application Temperature Range -45 to 200 °C
  • Color - Part B 黑色
  • Dielectric Constant at 100 Hz 2.7
  • Dielectric Constant at 100 kHz 2.7
  • Dielectric Constant at 1MHz 2.7
  • Dielectric Strength 350 volts per mil v/mil
  • Dielectric Strength (kV/mm) 14 kV/mm
  • Dissipation Factor at 100 Hz 0.006
  • Dissipation Factor at 100 kHz 0.0008
  • Elongation 340 %
  • Linear CTE 360 um/m/Deg C
  • Mixing Viscosity 1700 Centipoise
  • Tensile Strength 33 psi
  • Thermal Conductivity 0.5 Watts per meter K
  • Viscosity (Part A) 1400 mPa.s
  • Viscosity (Part B) 2000 mPa.s
  • Volume Resistivity 1e+015 ohm-centimeters
  • Working Time 30 Minutes
  • Young's Modulus 12.7 psi

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DOWSIL™ EE-3200 Low Stress Silicone Encapsulant
如需了解更多信息,请 联系陶氏

DOWSIL™ EE-3200 Low Stress Silicone Encapsulant


DOWSIL™ EE-3200 Low Stress Silicone Encapsulant
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