DOWSIL™ EA-4700 CV Adhesive

A two-part, room temperature cure adhesive enabling assembly production savings due to a fast cure at room temperature. 


  • Electronics control units 
  • Sensors modules
  • Battery pack applications where lid seal, base plate attaching
  • Gasketing or connector sealing is required and where reliable adhesion is necessary


  • Durable adhesion to typical substrates used in automotive electronics (i.e., aluminum, PBT, PPS)
  • Room temperature fast cure or heat accelerated cure 
  • Controlled silicone 
  • Good sealing against the environment High temperature stability after curing 
  • Stable performance under typical operational environment (150°C, Thermal shock and 85°C/85% rh) 
  • Dispensable for easy application with standard dispense equipment



  • Adhesion to 塑料, 金属
  • Color - Part A 白色
  • Color - Part B 黑色
  • Dielectric Constant at 1MHz 3.2
  • Dielectric Strength 25 volts per mil v/mil
  • Dielectric Strength (kV/mm) 25 kV/mm
  • Elongation 630 %
  • Number of Parts 双组份
  • Shelf Life 240 (Target 365) Days
  • Viscosity 24/18 mPa.s
  • Viscosity - Part A 24 Pa.s
  • Viscosity - Part B 18 Pa.s
  • Volume Resistivity 1.5E+15 ohm-centimeters
  • Working Time 20 Minutes

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DOWSIL™ EA-4700 CV Adhesive
如需了解更多信息,请 联系陶氏

DOWSIL™ EA-4700 CV Adhesive


DOWSIL™ EA-4700 CV Adhesive
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