DOWLEX™ GM 8070G Polyethylene Resin

A high performance LLDPE resin delivering an unprecedented balance of properties (m-LLDPE like) with the recognized consistency and processing ease of DOWLEX™.


  • Industrial & consumer packaging
  • Blown stretch films
  • Industrial liners
  • Mattress bags
  • Heavy duty shipping bags
  • Collation shrink
  • Agricultural films
  • Food & specialty packaging


  • Exceptional puncture and tear resistance
  • High dart impact for drop resistance
  • Outstanding optics
  • Broad heat sealing window for faster packaging line speeds
  • Great bubble stability



  • 2% Secant Modulus, MD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi) 353 (51200)
  • 2% Secant Modulus, TD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi) 319 (46300)
  • Anti-block false
  • Dart Drop Impact (ASTM D1709A) in grams (lbs) 450 g
  • Density (ASTM D792) 0.917 g/cm3
  • Elmendorf Tear Strength, MD (ASTM D1922) in grams (lbs) 320 g
  • Elmendorf Tear Strength, TD (ASTM D1922) in grams (lbs) 490 g
  • Gloss (45 degree) 54 %
  • Haze (ASTM D1003) 10 %
  • Melt Index (g/10min @190°C/21.6 kg) 0.9
  • Melting Point, DSC (Dow Method) in °C(°F) 121°C (250°F)
  • Slip false
  • Vicat Softening Point in °C(°F) 103°C (217°F)

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DOWLEX™ GM 8070G Polyethylene Resin
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DOWLEX™ GM 8070G Polyethylene Resin


DOWLEX™ GM 8070G Polyethylene Resin
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