DOW™ LDPE 690 HEALTH+™ Polymer

A low density polyethylene barefoot resin designed for extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, and blow-fill seal applications with good flexibility, moderate rigidity and good chemical resistance. It is also suitable for medical packaging films. The product's main characteristics are good flexibility, good chemical resistance and good stiffness.



  • 2% Secant Modulus, MD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi) 181 (26200)
  • 2% Secant Modulus, TD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi) 207 (30000)
  • Dart Drop Impact (ASTM D1709A) in grams (lbs) 150 g
  • Density (ASTM D792) 0.92 g/cm3
  • Elmendorf Tear Strength, MD (ASTM D1922) in grams (lbs) 500 g
  • Elmendorf Tear Strength, TD (ASTM D1922) in grams (lbs) 280 g
  • Gloss (45 degree) 66 %
  • Haze (ASTM D1003) 7.6 %
  • Melt Index (g/10min @190°C/21.6 kg) 2
  • Melting Point, DSC (Dow Method) in °C(°F) 112°C (233°F)
  • Puncture Resistance (Dow Method) in joules/cm3 (lbs/in3) 2.9 J/cm3 (35 ft lb/in3)
  • Tensile Elongation at Break, MD 420 %
  • Tensile Elongation at Break, TD 670 %
  • Tensile Strength Break, MD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi) 24.8 (2600)
  • Tensile Strength Break, TD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi) 23 (3330)
  • Tensile Strength Yield, MD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi) 12.3 (1790)
  • Tensile Strength Yield, TD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi) 12.1 (1760)
  • Vicat Softening Point in °C(°F) 98.3°C (209°F)

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DOW™ LDPE 690 HEALTH+™ Polymer
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DOW™ LDPE 690 HEALTH+™ Polymer


DOW™ LDPE 690 HEALTH+™ Polymer
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