ACRYSOL™ RM-995 Rheology Modifier

An APEO-free*, solvent-free*, hydrophobically modified ethylene oxide urethane (HEUR) rheology modifier that utilizes ACID SUPPRESSION™ technology. This product is a mid-shear (KU) viscosity rheology modifier offers improved performance in viscosity stability upon tinting and excellent sag resistance.while maintaining the properties that HEUR technology is known for, e.g. excellent flow, gloss development and applicability both interior and exterior latex coatings. It is provided as a low-viscosity material for ease of use in the manufacturing process.


  • Premium and standard interior and exterior paints
  • Flat to gloss formulations
  • Water-based architectural and industrial coatings
  • White base to neutral base paints


  • Efficient KU and Brookfield viscosity build
  • Unique rheology profile allows for excellent flow and leveling and also very good sag resistance
  • Helps improve viscosity stability of paints tinted with high levels of colorant
  • Rapid viscosity equilibration
  • Delivered as a low-viscosity, high-solids, solvent-free* liquid for easy handling in manufacturing facilities
  • APEO Free*

*made without APEO-containing surfactant



  • % Solids 20 %
  • Brookfield Efficiency 更佳
  • KU Efficiency 更佳
  • Recommended Binder Chemistry 100%丙烯酸, 苯乙烯丙烯酸, 苯乙烯丁二烯, 醋酸乙烯酯, 丙烯酸乙烯树脂, 乙烯醋酸乙烯共聚物(VAE)

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ACRYSOL™ RM-995 Rheology Modifier
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ACRYSOL™ RM-995 Rheology Modifier


ACRYSOL™ RM-995 Rheology Modifier
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