Dow Joins Whirlpool and Cannon Afros to Present First Achievements of the LIFE+ K-12 Project

Dow Polyurethanes, a global business unit of the Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) in collaboration with Whirlpool EMEA and Cannon Afros revealed the first achievements of the joint Life+ K-12 project during the recent Mid Term Conference in Turin, Italy. The three industry leaders are partners of the LIFE+ K-12 Project (LIFE13 ENV/IT/001238), aiming to demonstrate and showcase an innovative refrigeration technology to significantly improve the energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of the Cold Appliance industry. The long-term overall objective is to contribute to drastic energy saving in cold appliances demonstrating the feasibility of an innovative technological solution able to hugely impact the thermal insulation market, starting from household cold appliances.

Combining the expertise of Dow, leading science and technology global company, Whirlpool, major appliances manufacturing global company, and Cannon, a world-leading engineering and Polyurethane equipment technology company, the LIFE+ K-12 project aims to bring radical innovation to the manufacturing process of household appliances, insulated by a microcellular high-efficient Polyurethane foam able to achieve up to 30% reduction of thermal conductivity.

The K-12 project connects new chemistry with technology innovations, avoiding any use of Green House Gases (GHG) as blowing agents, with a new appliance production method addressing any technology requirements and regional needs.

During the Mid Term Conference, held on May 18, 2017 in the Cannon Sandretto Plastics Museum of Pont Canavese, Italy, the first achievements have been illustrated to a panel of about 100 attendants representing 25 stakeholders.

After the opening welcome of Marco Volpato, Cannon Group President, and of Paolo Coppo, Major of Pont Canavese, an introduction to LIFE funding opportunities has been presented by Federico Benvenuti, Italian LIFE NCP’s Office/Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea/TA Sogesid S.p.A.

A brief illustration of the innovative tradition of the three project partners has been given by Max Taverna of Cannon, Alberto Fangareggi of Dow Polyurethanes EMEAI and Adriano Scaburri of Whirlpool EMEA. The past and present achievements obtained by the three companies in the fields of environment protection, sustainable production methods and Carbon footprint reduction were highlighted by the speakers as a due preliminary to the core of the Agenda: Maurizio Corti of Cannon Afros, Vanni Parenti of Dow and Andrea Gasparoni of Whirlpool then presented in detail the current status of the K-12 project.

Processing and chemical R&D milestones have been discussed, as well as the targets imposed to the refrigerator industry by the EEC emissions reduction and energy efficiency programs.

To add academic value to the meeting, two presentations were given by Maria Rosa Contardi of Proplast and Ernesto Di Maio of Naples University on the latest innovative solutions for the addition of supercritical CO2 and nanoparticles to thermoplastics and foams.

After the buffet lunch, served in the garden, the attendants were guided through the Pont Canavese three Museums, which include the Cannon Sandretto «Civilization of Plastics», a unique collection of plastic parts hosted in a XIX century villa, and two exhibitions of ancient mechanical equipment and memorabilia of the local textile industry. 

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