Mondial Suole Makes New Strides in Footwear Comfort with iTen® Brand of Shoe Soles

New Range adopts ENERLYTE™ system from Dow Chemical to ensure enhanced ergonomics and sensation

HORGEN, SWITZERLAND - Italian shoe sole manufacturer, Mondial Suole has launched iTen®, its latest brand of shoe soles packed with an array of benefits to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer in a variety of walking conditions. Powered by ENERLYTE™ Polyurethane (PU) Elastomer from Dow Chemical, the iTen® range features include lightness, high “energy-return,” soft touch and durability. Designed for the active consumer, iTen® responds precisely to the most pressing market demands for shoe comfort and performance that is able to strike the right balance between ergonomics and sensation. The use of ENERLYTE™, a water-blown PU soling system, also ensures these soles are environment-friendly.

“It is with pride that Mondial Suole presents iTen®, the new brand of soles and midsoles that will change the footwear scene, a new generation that strongly breaks with the past,” said Gianfranco Doria, CEO of Mondial Suole. “iTen® is the result of major investments in R&D, human resources and equipment, as well as the result of the constant collaboration with Dow, historical partner of the Mondial group.”

“I would like to congratulate Mondial Suole on the launch of the fantastic iTen® range of shoe soles,” said Giuliano Tomassi Marinangeli, President of Dow Western Europe & Eastern Europe and General Manager, Dow Italy. “At Dow, we recognize that collaboration drives innovation and we are committed to continue bringing our material science expertise in helping our customers innovate to achieve ideal levels of comfort for today’s consumer.”

The ENERLYTE™ Polyurethane (PU) Elastomer is a system designed for the active consumer, bringing lightweight, durable, high “energy return” and soft-touch soles to the athleisure market.

“The composition and morphology of ENERLYTE™ enables customers like Mondial Suole to develop soling systems that adeptly combine comfort and performance for the growing market of athleisure consumers. iTen® is a great example of this!” said Akil Sahiwala, Marketing Manager of Footwear, Dow Polyurethanes. “Our goal is to continue delivering high-quality sustainable materials and tailored solutions for our customers to gain competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving industry.”

About Mondial Suole
Mondial Suole was established in 1978 in the Marche footwear district as a company specialized in the manufacturing of soles for sandals. Initially focused on the production of polyester polyurethane mixture, in later years Mondial Suole widened its production to include all types of polyurethane from polyester to the most sophisticated polyether for shoes, gaining important market shares and establishing its leadership in the industry. Today the Mondial Suole group includes different companies operating in the shoe sole sector with a worldwide market presence. As a winning business model, the company is strongly focused on product and design quality and is highly competitive on the market. Given its excellent reputation, Mondial Suole collaborates with the most important Italian and European footwear brands.

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