Dow to Present SILASTIC™ Smart Silicone Elastomer Science for Automotive Applications and Innovative Technology for 3D Printing at DKT 2018

Highlights of Dow’s DKT 2018 lineup include an expanded range of silicone elastomer technologies, a presentation on liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for megatrend challenges in the automotive industry and demonstrations of Dow’s new LSR technology for additive manufacturing.

Dow Performance Silicones, business unit of Dow and global leader in elastomer innovation, expertise, service and support, will be a key participant at Deutsche Kautschuk-Tagung (DKT) 2018 – one of the world’s leading rubber and elastomers conferences and trade fairs – July 2 through 5 in Nürnberg, Germany.

At Hall 12, Stand 347, Dow will showcase its expanded elastomer technology platforms and capabilities, including an industry-leading range of SILASTIC™ silicone and fluorosilicone rubber technologies and an expanded offering of NORDEL™ EPDM suitable for automotive dense and sponge profiles.

SILASTIC™ brand silicone rubber, which was developed by Dow Corning Corporation and introduced commercially in 1945, has a 70-year history of success. SILASTIC™ silicone elastomers are known today for their effectiveness in automotive and other demanding applications where performance, reliability, safety and aesthetics are essential.

Featured Presentation: LSRs for Automotive Megatrend Challenges

At the DKT 2018 conference, Hans Peter Wolf, Ph.D., the Research and Development Manager for Silicone Rubber for Dow Silicones Deutschland GmbH, will present “Liquid Silicone Rubber Answers Megatrend Challenges in Automotive.” Wolf will discuss the unique properties, processing and performance advantages of LSRs. He will provide a detailed look at current and future LSR technologies and explain how these technologies can help meet needs for greener, safer, more connected vehicles in the increasingly globalized automotive industry.

The presentation will take place at 15:00 on Thursday, July 5, in the Paris Room.

Introducing EVOLV3D™ 3D printing technology by Dow

One of the highlights of the Dow exhibit will be the company’s new EVOLV3D™ LC 3335 Liquid Silicone Rubber for 3D printing. Based on SILASTIC™ elastomer technology and developed in collaboration with a leading 3D printer manufacturer – German RepRap GmbH – this breakthrough technology brings the power and versatility of silicone technology to liquid additive manufacturing. The material enables fast prototyping and production of complex parts as well as new design options that fully match the performance of traditionally molded parts.

To demonstrate the unique capabilities of EVOLV3D™ LC 3335 LSR, Dow will be using the material to manufacture high-performance silicone rubber parts on a German RepRap Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM) 3D printer. Demonstrations will be ongoing throughout the show.

Elsewhere at the show:

Engel Austria GmbH (Hall 12, Stand 317) will be injection-molding SILASTIC™ NPC 9300-50 LSR, a low-volatility, high-strength silicone elastomer formulated to meet the requirements of food and infant care regulated applications without the need for post-cure.

UNIpace-University of Kassel (Hall 12, Stand 356) will be making foamed LSR parts by injection molding of modified SILASTIC™ LTC 9400-50 LSR.

At the poster session, Dow will present “NORDEL™ EPDM in peroxide crosslinked rubber compounds,” a poster illustrating the benefits of Dow’s NORDEL™ EPDM offering for coolant hoses.

For additional information about silicone elastomers from Dow, visit www.consumer.dow.com/si-rubber.

For information about Dow’s NORDEL™ EPDM product line, visit www.dow.com/elastomers/products/nordel.htm.

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