Dow Plays with Innovations for Skin, Sun and Hair at Suppliers’ Day

Dow’s newest anti‐aging skin care solution, sun care polymer, transformative hair care kit and more offer trend‐driven solutions for consumers

Today’s brand owners and formulators are faced with the challenge to create personal care products that deliver on the latest trends, exhibit superior performance and boost consumers’ wellbeing. Dow Home and Personal Care, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, understands consumers’ desire to have it all. At New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) Suppliers’ Day in New York May 15‐16, Dow will showcase new personal care solutions that explore unique sensory experiences and enable formulations with superior performance at booth 1411.

“This year at Suppliers’ Day, we are pushing the envelope with new, novel technologies that provide one‐of‐a‐kind textures and challenge the norm of performance for personal care formulations,” said Verna Talcott, North America market leader. “Our newest launches will enable our customers to deliver on previously unmet consumer desires for ageless skin, transforming textures for hair and unparalleled sun care protection with a pleasant sensory experience.”

At Suppliers’ Day, Dow will launch three new ingredients and two new trend‐driven programs that allow formulators to:

  • Perfect skin for all ages with AgeCap™ Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient, a novel facial care technology for age well solutions. AgeCap™ Smooth traps selectively Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) to avert their damaging effects and enhance efficiency compared to conventional anti‐oxidants. With a seamless formulation that delivers enjoyable sensory properties, AgeCap™ Smooth contributes to a dewy, youthful complexion for all ages.
  • Deliver superior sun protection without sacrificing sensory experience with the SOLTEX™ INO Polymer, an additive technology that boosts the SPF performance of sun care products by improving the dispersion of inorganic particles like titanium dioxide (TiO2). This new polymer allows formulators to use coated TiO2 filters to meet consumers’ demands for high SPF while also delivering desirable aesthetic properties.
  • Appeal to beauty multi‐taskers with DOWSIL™ EL‐8048 Silicone Organic Blend, which is geared towards consumers who want simplified beauty routines using multifunctional, efficacious products that help them look their best. This elastomer enables time‐saving products, provides powdery sensory aesthetic, delivers actives, and enables unique textures for alphabet creams and foundations, color correctors and skin care products.
  • Put Your Best Face Forward with Dow’s Optical Appearance Solutions showcased in sample skin care formulations. Geared towards millennials and emerging iGeneration consumers who want to achieve a flawless look for social media and older consumers are on the lookout for products that can instantly blend away their imperfections, these sample formulations will mask fine lines and wrinkles through soft focus, mattify, minimize the appearance of pores, absorb sebum and reduce redness.
  • Deliver impact for hair care with a series of new prototypes in the Transforming Textures program that demonstrate innovative ingredients, and the intersection of global emerging trends like multicultural beauty, k‐beauty and product concepts usually seen in skin care applications. These ingredients work together to create formulations that transform textures, providing an exciting sensorial experience for consumers that appeal to their thirst for novelty products.

To learn more, visit Dow’s booth 1411 at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day in New York Tuesday, May 15 and Wednesday, May 16, 2018.

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