Dow’s NATURE.INTENDED Program Combines Natural Treasures with Chemistry in Personal Care Products

Bolstering regional expertise and capabilities, Dow Home & Personal Care, a global business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, launches a new collection of formulations to satisfy the unique personal care market of Asia Pacific. To help brand owners deliver innovations that meet regionally-centric trends, Dow introduces NATURE.INTENDED, a series of inspiring formulations which showcase how products with naturally-derived ingredients can be amplified with the power of chemistry.

Tapping into the resources that have been used in home remedies for years, advanced scientific evaluation shows many of these naturally-derived ingredients are effective in personal care products. This program highlights the opportunity for formulators to create personal care products that meet consumer desires for naturally-derived ingredients while continuing to supply high-performance products.

NATURE.INTENDED Hair Care Formulation Kit

Dow has created a hair care formulation kit which consists of seven prototypes. Naturally-derived ingredients found in the hair kit include rice milk, bergamot, coconut oil, frangipani, mango butter, lotus, passion fruit oil and boket to create concentrated shampoo, non-rinse conditioner, nourishing serum, styling cream and hair make up to cover greys. Paired with Dow’s chemistry, the capabilities of natural ingredients are enhanced to create products that ensure smoothness, ease of apply and excellent feel.

“Consumers in this region have seen the benefits of naturally-derived ingredients in home remedies, our offerings take formulations a step further for improved quality and performance,” says Cedric Toh, regional marketing manager ASEAN, ANZ. “Our prototypes are expertly formulated to find the precise balance of natural ingredients and proven chemistry solutions.”

NATURE.INTENTED Skin Care & Color Cosmetics Formulation Kit

Also showcased is the skin care and color cosmetics formulation kit which consists of nine prototypes to create a wide range of products, including make-up cleanser, moisturizer, anti-aging cream, liquid sun lotion, powdery primer and facial finishing spray. Key natural ingredients throughout the prototypes include, rose water, jasmine, cucumber, dragon fruit, bamboo, papaya and thanaka to create products that soothe, smooth, protect and moisturize skin without tackiness and greasiness.

Dow’s NATURE.INTENDED Program Combines Natural Treasures With Chemistry In Personal Care

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