The Right, Bright Idea for Sheet Appearance

VERSENE™ and VERSENEX™ Chelating Agents have a long history of improving product quality and reducing costs in pulp and paper operations. They protect bleach potency by curbing metal-catalyzed bleach degradation; and can actually lower bleaching costs by maximizing bleaching efficiency. VERSENE™ Chelating Agents can increase brightness gains in hydrosulfite bleaching of thermomechanical or refiner pulps. VERSENE™ or VERSENEX™ Chelating Agents can be used to control metal-catalyzed bleach degradation in peroxide bleaching. Dow Chelating Agents also limit reactions that cause brightness reversion or produce colored complexes in pulp or sheet. VERSENE™ Chelating Agents are approved for use in many indirect food uses (such as food wrap paper).

Dow Chelating Agents are used in:

  • Peroxide bleaching
  • Hydrosulfite bleaching
  • Kraft peroxide bleaching

Frequently Used Dow Chelants: