TRITON™ sulfate and sulfonate anionic surfactants have excellent wetting, emulsifying, dispersing, and stabilizing ability. Applications include emulsion polymerization, wax emulsification, textile processing, personal care, and cleaners.

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pdf icon TRITON™ QS-15 (19 KB PDF)
Uniquely effective in high soil loads, excellent detergent, soluble in hot alkaline solutions. Uses: Alkaline metal cleaners, zinc plating brightener, bottle washing
pdf icon TRITON™ W-30 Concentrate (18 KB PDF)
Excellent wetting with minimal rewetting, hypochlorite stable. Uses: Textile processing, finishes for fabrics & carpets
pdf icon TRITON™ XN-45S (18 KB PDF)
Excellent wetting, emulsifying & dispersing, hypochlorite stable. Uses: Emulsion polymerization, cleaners

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