Dow offers unique specialty alkoxylate surfactants for a variety of applications. These TRITON™ surfactants are used as emulsifiers, wetting agents or detergents in applications including paints and coatings, agrochemicals, paper and textile processing, emulsion systems, household and industrial & institutional cleaning and oilfield chemicals.

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pdf icon TRITON™ CA (34 KB PDF)
Improves color acceptance and prevents agglomeration of pigments, oil-in-water emulsifier. Uses: Paints & coatings, textile printing & fiber finish, pigment dispersion
pdf icon TRITON™ HW-1000 (49 KB PDF)
Hydrocarbon high wetting surfactant. Non-APE based and non-silicone based. Uses: Paints & coatings, metal working, inks/prints, cleaning, agricultural formulations.
pdf icon TRITON™ N-57 (19 KB PDF)
Emulsifier, improves colorant acceptance. Uses: Pigment wetting, stabilizing & defoaming for paints & coatings, agrochemicals
pdf icon TRITON™ X-207 (18 KB PDF)
Emulsifier for refined paraffinic & white oils, forms stable brine-in-oil emulsions. Uses: pigment dispersions, textile finishes & coning oils, oilfield chemicals

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