TRITON™ H-55, TRITON™ H-66, and TRITON™ QS-44 surfactants are anionic hydrotropes that solubilize nonionic surfactants in low to highly built cleaner systems. TRITON™ QS-44 and TRITON™ XQS-20 surfactants are also used in emulsion polymerization. TRITON™ XQS-20 is an efficient electrostatic emulsion stabilizer with buffering ability and corrosion inhibition characteristics.

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pdf icon TRITON™ H-55 (18 KB PDF)
Hydrotrope, stable in acidic and alkaline conditions. Uses: solubilizer in highly built detergents
pdf icon TRITON™ H-66 (18 KB PDF)
Hydrotrope, stable in acidic & alkaline conditions, effective with low foam surfactants. Uses: Solubilizer in built detergents
pdf icon TRITON™ QS-44 (18 KB PDF)
Hydrotrope with surface activity, good solubility in alkaline, stable on solid caustic, hypochlorite stable. Uses: Cleaners, emulsion polymerization, agrochemicals
pdf icon TRITON™ XQS-20 (18 KB PDF)
High HLB emulsifier and stabilizer. Uses: Emulsion polymerization

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