DOW surfactants include some of the most familiar anionic and nonionic products in the industry. This enables us to deliver solutions to meet almost any performance requirement. DOW surfactants increase the cleaning and wetting properties of household cleaners and enhance industrial and institutional cleaning product formulations. They are used by formulators of paints, coatings, and inks for pigment wetting, film leveling, and pigment and dye stabilization.

DOW surfactants contribute desired mechanical properties and storage stability to emulsion polymerization systems, including styrene-butadiene, vinyl, acrylic, and other copolymer latex resin systems. DOW surfactants are also broadly used in agricultural formulations, textile processing, paper manufacturing and oilfield operations.

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Anionic Surfactants


Product Chemistry Product Family
Alkyl Polyglucosides
TRITON™ BG-10 Surfactant
TRITON™ CG-50 Surfactant
TRITON™ CG-600 Surfactant
TRITON™ CG-650 Surfactant
TRITON™ CG-110 Surfactant
Branched Secondary Alcohol Ethoxylates TERGITOL™ TMN Series
Ethylene Oxide / Propylene Oxide Copolymers TERGITOL™ L Series
TERGITOL™ XD, XH, and XJ Surfactants
Low Foam Surfactants ECOSURF™ LF Surfactants
TRITON™ CF Surfactants
TRITON™ DF Surfactants
TERGITOL™ MinFoam Surfactants
Nonylphenol Ethoxylates TERGITOL™ NP Series
Octylphenol Ethoxylates TRITON™ X Series
Secondary Alcohol Ethoxylates TERGITOL™ 15-S Series
Seed Oil Surfactants

ECOSURF™ SA Surfactants

Specialty Alkoxylates TRITON™ CA Surfactant
TRITON™ N-57 Surfactant
TRITON™ X-207 Surfactant
Specialty Ethoxylates  ECOSURF™ EH Surfactants

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Anionic Surfactants

Product Chemistry Product Family
Alkyldiphenyloxide Disulfonate Salts DOWFAX™ Anionic Salt Surfactants
Dioctyl Sulfosuccinates TRITON™ GR Series
Phosphate Esters

TRITON™ H-55 Surfactant
TRITON™ H-66 Surfactant
TRITON™ QS-44 Surfactant
TRITON™ XQS-20 Surfactant

Sulfates and Sulfonates TRITON™ QS-15 Surfactant
TRITON™ W-30 Concentrate Surfactant
TRITON™ XN-45S Surfactant

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