Upholstery & Furnishings

  • Long-lasting odor control improves indoor air quality
  • Reduced material degradation for longer life
  • UV and heatstable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Cost-effective and easy to apply with exsisting equipment
  • Works on all colors-even white
  • Complements other performance additives

The patented, polymer-containing silver-technology behind SILVADUR Intelligent Freshness prevents microbial build up on treated upholstery, window coverings, or other fabric surfaces. SILVADUR sterilizes molds, mildews and bacteria so they can't create unpleasant odors or stains, a nice feature for items that can't be easily laundered. SILVADUR is UV and heat stable so it works for both indoor and outdoor applications. Homes and offices stay fresher and cleaner longer with SILVADUR.