The SILVADUR Antimicrobial Advantage in Textiles

The Solutionists at Dow have created a fundamentally new approach to applying silver to fabrics.

  1. SILVADUR technology is an innovative antimicrobial treatment that improves on earlier technologies by using charged silver ions as opposed to silver particles.
  2. Silver ions evenly distribute over a garment. This means the silver is used more efficiently.
  3. SILVADUR technology has been shown to address several performance gaps that existing antimicrobial treatments simply cannot match.

SILVADUR all-day fresh technology performs intelligently at each stage of the supply chain. Manufacturers can create textile products that offer unmatched performance with intelligent protection at reduced dosages while still using standard formulations and applications. Brand owners and retailers can design products that feature intelligent freshness that remains active through 50 washings or more. And, consumers can feel secure in knowing their garments provide intelligent freshness that won’t harm their families or the environment.

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Freshness

Intelligent Manufacturing

Homogeneous Finish

SILVADUR long lasting antimicrobial provides uniform distribution of silver ions throughout the fabric – ensuring comprehensive protection and enduring freshness.

Intelligent Dosing

Because SILVADUR long lasting antimicrobial requires less silver than competing products, manufacturers are able to create innovative textile products with unmatched performance no matter the price point they are required to hit. Only SILVADUR technology offers intelligent protection at reduced dosages, all while using standard formulations and applications.

Easy Processing & Operating Efficiencies

  • SILVADUR long lasting antimicrobial utilizes a liquid delivery system which is completely particle free and readily water-dilutable. SILVADUR technology forms a phase stable and solids-free finishing bath solution for easy and rapid processing of fabric.
  • Developed with manufacturers in mind, SILVADUR technology is easily adopted and integrated into the conventional textile treatment methods of padding, exhaustion, and spraying.
  • SILVADUR long lasting antimicrobial is easily diluted in anionic, cationic or nonionic matrices.

Whites Stay White

White garments, home textiles, etc., made with SILVADUR antimicrobial will not fade or yellow over time. They stay looking as fresh as the day they were purchased.

Compatibility Profile: Perfect Partner to Other Textile Effects

SILVADUR antimicrobial is fully compatible with other textile finishing treatments (binders, softeners, water and stain repellants and dyes).

No Leaching

SILVADUR long lasting antimicrobial won’t ever cross the skin barrier or migrate from the fabric. This means that SILVADUR antimicrobial won’t impact the micro-flora, or good bacteria, when in contact with skin.

Recyclable & Re-Usable

At Dow, we keep what’s best for the earth in mind too. Any unused SILVADUR can be collected during the manufacturing process and reused in the next production cycle.