SILVADUR from DOW: A Global Technology Leader

  • SILVADUR Intelligent Freshness was invented at Dow, a global leader in science and microbial control technology.
  • SILVADUR’s polymer containing silver technology secures silver molecules to denim surfaces. When odor-causing bacteria come in contact with your jeans, SILVADUR releases silver ions which neutralize the bacteria on contact.
  • SILVADUR works continuously and invisibly and won’t affect the fit, feel, finish, or appearance of your denim fabrics. SILVADUR just makes sure they stay fresh and odor-free.

SILVADUR Antimicrobial Technology – Advanced Delivery of Silver Ions to Fabric Surfaces

SILVADUR™ long lasting antimicrobial technology unites the elemental powers of silver ions with a patented delivery system to create an extremely effective, highly durable antimicrobial. Through state of the art engineering, SILVADUR utilizes a proprietary, safe polymer that complexes silver ions into a durable antimicrobial that prevents microorganism reproduction.

This silver ion treatment is a major innovation in antimicrobial technology.

  1. It results in intelligent control; no premature release of silver means no discoloration of the textile.
  2. It provides a homogenous finish of silver throughout the garment or textile product.
  3. It remains on fabric longer and is invisibly active for the life of the garment.

When applied to fabric surfaces, SILVADUR antimicrobial technology forms an extensive polymeric network on fiber surfaces… it becomes the holding pen for the needed silver ions. Through scientific engineering, SILVADUR technology regulates the release rate of silver ions and allows for activation only in the presence of unwanted bacteria thus minimizing the buildup of undesirable bacteria. With less buildup of bacteria on fabric surfaces, textile products experience the long lasting antimicrobial benefits of reduced deterioration and the elimination of undesirable odors. Effectively controlling odors can reduce the need for frequent laundering cycles and extend the strength and life of textile products. Fewer Bacteria. Fewer Odors. Less Deterioration. Less Laundering. Less Water. Less Detergent. Less Product Loss. End Result? Reliable, intelligent, long lasting, and environmentally friendly antimicrobial technology.