Sustainability & Safety

At Dow, sustainability is more than an environmental stance; it's a business model. Our mission is to lead the industry through science and technology solutions that provide long term viable and sustainable microbial control solutions.

To help choose the best solution for each customer, we score sustainable products on three criteria:

SILVADUR Antimicrobial is Effective because:

SILVADUR Antimicrobial Goes Away because:

SILVADUR Antimicrobial Does No Harm because:

The proprietary SILVADUR antimicrobial technology releases silver ions only when they are needed, ensuring that more active material remains bound to the textile surface for long term antimicrobial protection. As a result, both garment turnover and the amount of silver released into the environment are reduced.

SILVADUR antimicrobial has been assessed as harmless to human health and added to the list of active chemical products approved by the International Oeko-Tex® Association. Dow is a bluesign® system partner, bluesign® system partners are responsibly acting parties of the textile supply chain committed to applying the bluesign® system. It is registered with the U.S. EPA and its active ingredient is notified and supported under the EU Biocidal Products Registry (BPR). In addition, SILVADUR antimicrobial technology is registered to meet REACH requirements in the European Union.