Microbiological Testing Protocols

Dow SILVADUR antimicrobial products (900, 930 and 961) are silver-based technologies that use a patented delivery system to transport and secure silver to treated articles. This novel system controls the release of the silver to avoid discoloration and early silver exhaustion typical of other silver systems. When incorporated into or onto textile materials during the manufacturing process, SILVADUR inhibits the growth of microbes to provide durable antimicrobial protection from offensive odors and product deterioration. These unique, long lasting antimicrobial benefits can be measured using many different industry standard techniques; however, it is imperative that treated products be tested and analyzed consistently across the globe to ensure proper use levels and avoid confusion in the marketplace.

The approved microbiological method for measuring antimicrobial activity is based on the ISO 20743 test method. This method is recommended for use within the OECD Task Force on Biocides for the measurement of efficacy of biocide treated articles.

For more information on testing protocols and application methods using SILVADUR antimicrobials, please contact us.