How does SILVADUR antimicrobial technology work?

SILVADUR antimicrobial is a patented, polymer-containing silver-technology that delivers silver ions using an intelligent control mechanism. When organisms land on, or try to form on, the surface of a fabric treated with SILVADUR antimicrobial, silver ions are released resulting in microbial death. As the initial silver is consumed by this interaction, SILVADUR technology releases more silver ions from the complex and the process continues. Silver ions are lethal to microbes that cause odor and material degradation. This delivery system is fact, it's the same mode of action responsible for the antimicrobial properties found in silver spoons.

Silver - Trusted and Safe Antimicrobial Solution

Silver contains inherent antimicrobial properties. It has been a time-tested antimicrobial used since ancient times in healthcare, food preservation, and water treatment as well as other applications where effective, long-term bacterial protection is required. Silver is a leading antimicrobial due to its safety for human contact, long term efficacy and prevention of growth for a broad range of microorganisms.

SILVADUR all-day fresh antimicrobial inhibits bacteria growth and buildup of microbes on fabric surfaces. These microbes often destroy fabric integrity, shorten its useful life, and can cause discoloration, spoiling and staining.