Carpets & Floor Coverings

  • Long-lasting odor control improves indoor air quality
  • Reduced material degradation for longer life
  • UV and heatstable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Cost-effective and easy to apply with exsisting equipment
  • Works on all colors-even white
  • Complements other performance additives

SILVADUR Intelligent Freshness provides long-lasting, cost-effective odor control for carpets and other floor coverings. SILVADUR targets its silver ions directly against the unwanted bacteria that can make carpets smell and degrade over time. SILVADUR's patented, polymer-containing silver-technology is compatible with other performance treatments, such as those for stain release and flame resistance, and won't discolor carpets. Even pure white! Light and heat stable, SILVADUR is perfect for indoor or outdoor products. Carpets stay fresh, colorful, and beautiful with SILVADUR.