Apparel & Footwear

The intelligent freshness of SILVADUR antimicrobial can be found in almost everything, including these products...

  • Apparel & Footwear
  • Underwear & T Shirts
  • Socks & Legwear
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Shoe(s) & Shoe Linings
  • Intimates

The intelligent choice: so many consumers, so many needs...

The patented, silver technology found only in SILVADUR antimicrobial is the secret to long lasting freshness in today’s most advanced apparel. Never before has there been an intelligently fresh ingredient that works invisibly, only when needed. And, SILVADUR won’t wash out for the expected life of your garment1. White garments enhanced with SILVADUR antimicrobial won’t yellow and can even be washed with chlorine. Finally, you can work hard, play hard and have confidence that your apparel will perform as well as you do.

  1. 50 home launderings