Phosphate Esters

This page discusses the features and benefits of Dow's Phosphate Esters.


Product Name. UCAR™ Ester EEP. Synonyms. Ethyl 3–Ethoxypropionate; 3-
Ethoxypropionic acid ethyl ester. Chemical Formula. C2H5OCH2CH2CO2C2H5.
Product Description. Features. UCAR™ Ester EEP is a slow evaporating ether–
ester solvent with excellent solvent properties for a wide range of coating

2,4-D ESTER 500 EC

2,4-D ESTER 500 EC. Reg No L3617 Act/Wet Nr. / No. 36 of / van 1947. A
selective emulsifiable concentrate herbicide for the post- emergence control of
broadleaf weeds in crops and grass pastures as indicated. 'n. Selektiewe
emulgeerbare konsentraat onkruiddoder vir die na- opkombeheer van

Propionic Esters

Dow's line of propionate esters offer substantial flexibility in formulating coatings.

COASOL™ Di-Ester for Applications in Water-borne Coatings ...

COASOL™ Di-Ester for Applications in. Water-borne Coatings, Industrial
Cleaners. & Polymer Industry. Dow Haltermann Custom Processing. Dow
Haltermann Custom Processing (DHCP) supplies specialty products for the
chemical industry. The DHCP product range covers a series of oxygenated
solvents that can be ...

Methacrylic acid esters

ABOUT THIS PAMPHLET. Methacrylic acid and its esters have proven to be
versatile chemicals with widespread use. Rohm and Haas, and others, have
sponsored and conducted scientific studies on the health and environmental
effects of these products. This pamphlet provides a summary of regulatory,
exposure, and ...

Garlon XRT Herbicide

Sep 9, 2013 ... Effects of Repeated Exposure: For the active ingredient(s): Triclopyr butoxyethyl
ester. In animals, effects have been reported on the following organs: Kidney.
Liver. Birth Defects/Developmental Effects: For the active ingredient(s): Triclopyr
butoxyethyl ester. Has been toxic to the fetus in laboratory animals ...

Product Safety Assessment Haloxyfop-P Methyl Ester

Jun 9, 2011 ... Haloxyfop-P methyl ester is an herbicide used for selective control of grass
weeds in crop and non-crop situations.3 For further details, see the relevant
Product Label and Product Uses. • Workers could be exposed to the material
during manufacturing or formulating operations or during herbicide ...


Regulatory Data Sheet. Supersedes all versions prior to Effective Date. Page 1 of
6. ®™Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated
company of Dow. Effective Date: 1/24/2017. UCAR(TM) Ester EEP. Chemical
Inventory Compliance. This product complies with, or is listed on several Global
Inventories ...

Dow Polyethylene Glycols Applications - Chemical Intermediates

The primary hydroxyl functionality of CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ PEGs allows
reactions typical of alcohols, such as conversion of a functional alcohol group to
esters, ethers, amines and acetals. CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ MPEGs have one
primary hydroxyl group and can be used to prepare high purity monoesters.