TPO Roofing with Excellent Weathering Performance

The ASTM D 6878 standard for thermoplastic polyolefin. (TPO) roofing
formulations has been revised to address concerns of prolonged exposure in
extreme heat climates. The heat aging exposure at 116°C was extended from
670 hours to 5,400 hours (32 weeks). To meet these require- ments, it is critical
for TPO roofing ...

Solvent-Based Concrete Sealers

Thermoplastic acrylic resin. Solid-grade. Hardness, flexibility, adhesion. This
table is designed as a general overview of Dow Construction Chemicals products
. Always review specific product literature/safety data sheets for current
information. Please contact your local Dow Construction Chemicals
representative for ...

Fact Sheet – VERSIFY™ Plastomers and Elastomers

consumer durables, these polymers provide opportunities to develop compounds
and blends that increase flexibility/durability, transparency, and aesthetic appeal
in finished parts. The dry soft-touch feel, for example, will be of interest to
manufacturers of soft-touch surfaces for bottles. • Producers of thermoplastic


Foamed thermoplastics provide excellent insulating properties because of their
very low thermal conductivity, good shape retention, and good resistance to
moisture pickup. As such, cylindrical shapes are extruded for pipe insulation, and
sheets for building panel insulation. Chemical blowing agents are usually solid ...

Product Name

Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin is soluble in a wide range of solvents having
solubility parameters in the 8.5 to 11.5 range. It also possesses good tolerance to
aliphatic solvents. PARALOID™ DM-55 Solid Grade Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin
is supplied at 100% solids to provide a wide formulation latitude. Features and.

Product Name

Introduction. PARALOID™ A-21LV Thermoplastic Solution Resin (30%) is a very
hard methyl methacrylate polymer with enhanced adhesion properties. It is
supplied as a 30% solution in a toluene/MEK/butanol solvent system. The
polymer is also available in solid grade form. PARALOID™ A-21LV
Thermoplastic Solution ...

History of Plastic Pipes | Pure Pipe Performance

The availability of low-cost "thermoplastics," combined with an enormous need
for infrastructure replacement, led to a huge increase in the use of polymers.
While these early thermoplastics could not compete with traditional iron and steel
pipe, that is no longer the case, with today's plastics offering outstanding
economic ...

PARALOID™ A-11 Solid Grade Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin

PARALOID™ A-11 Solid Grade Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin provides excellent
color and color retention, high hardness, and excellent resistance to alcohol and
water. It has properties similar to PARALOID™ A-10 and PARALOID™ A-101
Thermoplastic Solution. Resins and is used in similar applications. PARALOID™

FACT SHEET – AMPLIFY™ Functional Polymers

AMPLIFY Functional Polymers benefit coaters, compounders, molders, and
fabricators across various markets including: • Flexible food and specialty
packaging. • Polymer modification/compatibilization. • Adhesives/tie-layers. •
Thermoplastic powder coating. • Protective metal pipe coating. • Wood plastic

Waterborne Mechanical Dispersions of Polyolefins

Abstract. Traditionally, polyolefins have been available as thermoplastic pellets
which are processed by conventional thermoplastic processes such as extrusion,
thermoforming, injection molding, and blow molding. The lack of a viable
emulsion polymerization process for the production of polyolefins has prevented
the ...