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  • Propylene Glycol

Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings

The full range of propylene glycols are used in the synthesis of alkyd resins found in paints, enamels and varnishes.

Propylene Glycol Industrial Grade (PGI) and Dipropylene Glycol Regular Grade (DPG) are used as compatibilizers and for freeze-thaw protection in latex-based paint formulations.

PGI, DPG and Tripropylene Glycol Regular Grade (TPG) are used as resin solvents in the production of printing inks.

PGI, DPG and TPG Acrylate Grade (TPG Ac) are used to produce acrylate and methacrylate resins for coatings, adhesives and paints. The acrylate derivatives can be used as reactive species in the formulation of radiation (ultraviolet light and electron beam) curable coatings.

Alkyd Resins for Paint and Coatings

PGI is used as an intermediate in the production of alkyd resins for paints and varnishes. It controls flexibility and hardness.

Latex Paints

Propylene glycols (PGI, DPG and TPG) are used in latex-based architectural paints to provide freeze and thaw stability. They also enhance the quality of the final film by changing the open time and providing leveling during application.

UV-Curable Resins

UV-curable (or Radiation Cure) resins are used in printing inks, varnishes, paints and coating applications. These resins offer several advantages, including:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • No post curing
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions
  • Fast processing speeds
  • Compact plant size
  • Excellent finish quality

DPG and TPG Ac are reacted with acrylic acid to make the diacrylates that are used as reactive diluents to lower the viscosity of formulations prior to their application and cure, but become an integral part of the coating during curing.

TPG diacrylate is the workhorse of reactive diluents but the DPG diacrylate is also an important molecule.

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