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  • Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol Industrial Grade (PGI) is often used as an active ingredient in engine coolants and antifreeze, offering benefits including:

  • Low freezing point
  • The ability to decrease the freezing point of water
  • Burst protection
  • Low mammalian toxicity
  • Low flammability
  • Excellent heat transfer properties
  • A high boiling point, low vapor pressure

Some types of propylene glycol-based coolants or antifreeze can provide engine protection comparable to ethylene glycol-based systems, most notably in aluminum engines.

When most fluids freeze they expand in volume, which can cause pipes or other containment vessels to rupture. When a water-glycol mixture freezes, it retains its flow-ability and does not create added pressure in pipes or vessels. This makes it an ideal solution for burst protection in pipe and containment systems.

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