Polypropylene Glycols and Copolymers Europe

Cleaners and Detergents

DOWFAX* nonionic surfactants are ideal candidates for many household and institutional cleaning formulations. They offer low foaming characteristics, excellent surfactancy, chemical stability, and excellent solvency.

The following products can be used in cleaners and detergents. Although each product has unique properties based on molecular weight and the monomer used, they all share some common properties.

DOWFAX Nonionic Surfactants
DOWFAX EM51 surfactant
DOWFAX 20A42 surfactant
DOWFAX 20A64 surfactant
DOWFAX 20A612 surfactant
DOWFAX 20B102 surfactant
DOWFAX 63N10 surfactant
DOWFAX 63N13 surfactant
DOWFAX 63N30 surfactant
DOWFAX 63N40 surfactant
DOWFAX 81N13 surfactant
DOWFAX 81N15 surfactant
DOWFAX 92N20 surfactant
DOWFAX 100N15 surfactant

Specific Applications
Household Applications
DOWFAX nonionic surfactants reduce excessive foaming and minimize glassware spotting when used in household automatic dishwashing detergents and rinse aids. They are also used in hard surface cleaners.

Institutional Applications
DOWFAX nonionic surfactants are ideal in high-temperature, machine-ware dishwashing formulations. They are also used in cleaning products used in restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels, and other hospitality establishments.

CARBOWAX™ PEGs and MPEGs are also used in a wide range household product formulations.

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