CARBOWAX™ MPEGs for Industrial Applications

CARBOWAX™ Methoxypolyethylene Glycols (MPEGs) are available in three molecular weights. There are two liquid grades and one solid grade. Each CARBOWAX™ MPEG is designated by a number that represents its average molecular weight. As with PEGs, molecular weight has an effect on the physical properties of MPEGs, with solubility, hygroscopicity and vapor pressure all decreasing as molecular weight increases; and melting/freezing range and viscosity increasing with higher molecular weight.

CARBOWAX™ MPEGs Product Data

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Carbowax MPegs  Data
(Technical Data Sheets)
Form Molecular Weight Range Average Number of Repeating Oxyethylene units Density (20°C) Density (60°C) Melting or Freezing Range Solubility in Water at 20°C, % by wt Viscosity at 100°C
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CARBOWAX™ MPEG 350 Liquid 335 - 365 7.2 1.0894 1.0547 -5 to 10 Complete 3.9
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CARBOWAX™ MPEG 550 Semisolid 525 - 575 11.8 1.1039 1.069 15 to 25 Complete 6.5
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CARBOWAX™ MPEG 750 Solid 715 - 785 16.3 Solid at Specified Temperature 1.0761 27 to 32 Complete 10.3
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