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DOWLEX Polyethylene Resins

For customers who require more toughness, puncture resistance or good tear resistance, DOWLEX™ Polyethylene Resins from The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) offer these qualities and much more. They deliver higher performance and processability and have a wide variety of applications in blown and cast film, extrusion coatings, injection molding and rotomolding. In addition, they have become a material of choice for radiant floor heating applications, membranes, and other durable goods.

DOWLEX PE Resins are frequently used in film applications to wrap pallet loads that have sharp corners and irregular shapes. Their combination of toughness, easy processing and the ability to down gauge is ideal for industrial and consumer film applications that require more strength and puncture resistance.

The impact resistance and hot tack strength of these materials provide a real advantage in food and specialty packaging. For hygiene films, DOWLEX PE Resins are often the materials of choice, and in agricultural applications such as silage wrap and mulch film, DOWLEX PE Resins have set many new standards of performance.