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Bottles & Drums

In our world of differentiated products and our society that demands functionality, bottles come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of features. Whatever your blow molded bottle requirement - wide or narrow mouth, square or round, handles or not, large or small, dry or liquid applications, personal care or milk bottles with FDA approval - The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) offers you a selection of plastics that could meet the demand.

For containers up to and exceeding 55 gallons in size for the Dairy, Water, and Juice; Household and Industrial Chemical (HIC); Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, and Toiletry; and Industrial Drum and Container markets, Dow's portfolio of products offer the features and benefits you need, such as:

  • Excellent rigidity
  • Superior environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR)
  • High impact resistance, as well as good melt strength and moderate swell characteristics
  • Improved top-load strength, drop height resistance, shape retention, and stackability
  • Contact clarity up to transparency and gloss
  • Heat resistance for retention of package integrity during the retort, pasteurization, hot fill, and/or shipping and handling processes
  • Consistent processability low water absorption
  • Excellent moisture barrier and chemical resistance
  • Enhanced mold filling and release ability

As you can see, Dow aims to satisfy - both you and your customers!