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Protective Packaging

Protective films are used to cover and protect surface of fabricated parts, especially in the automotive and household appliance industry. They are also used extensively by manufacturers of metal and plastic sheets.

Traditional protective films are standard polyethylene films coated with an adhesive emulsion. However, co-extruded films with a special outer layer for adhesion have a stronger market growth potential.

Both LDPE and LLDPE are used in this market which demands resins with low gel levels and high gloss, as well as high modulus for downstream machinability.

In addition to films, this market also includes protective foams, either in the form of engineered foam planks, which can be fabricated to precise specifications, or sheet foams which conform to product shapes. These materials provide substantial cushioning against repeated impacts and protect polished surfaces from abrasion, while significantly reducing shipping costs. Protective padding or cushioning is also built into mailing materials.