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ELITE Enhanced Polyethylene (EPE) Resins

ELITE™ Enhanced Polyethylene Resins provide a single material solution that goes beyond the traditional combination of performance attributes. They offer cost-effective answers to a variety of challenges by bringing together the unmatched flexibility of The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) solution process with INSITE™ Technology.

The resulting products combine sealability and stiffness; high stretch and high puncture resistance; impact strength and processability; stiffness and impact strength; and many other unique combinations. What's more, these single-resin benefits can be applied to a wide variety of film, laminate, rotomolded and coated products.

As an example, for liquid, dry, and frozen foods, you can use ELITE EPE Resins to reduce package thickness by up to 25 percent without sacrificing toughness or machinability. On high-speed stretch film lines, ELITE EPE Resins can run faster and thinner without compromising their holding force. And, for lamination films, packers can maintain stiffness and toughness while reducing pack weight. In these and many other film applications, from baby diaper backsheets to heavy duty shipping sacks, ELITE EPE Resins bring a new dimension of performance.

In addition, ELITE EPE Resins are compatible with a wide range of pigments and provide an opportunity for shorter production cycles for rotomolded products, such as toys and playground equipment