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  • Polyethylene
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Clamping, heating, forming, cooling and trimming. Whether you are using a web fed thermoformer to produce such things as cottage cheese containers or a cut sheet thermoformer to make refrigerator cabinet liners, you follow these same basic steps.

Easy, right? As a thermoformer you know better. It can be quite complicated at times. There are challenges every step of the way from determining which thermoforming equipment and technique will best meet your needs, to defining initial requirements for both resin and extruded sheet, to learning how to attain optimum dimensional control, part detail and desired final product appearance and performance.

We can help you sort it all out and face those challenges. The Dow Chemical Company's (Dow) interest in thermoforming does not stop after we make a resin; it extends to our customers who extrude sheet from that resin and form it into finished products.