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  • Polyethylene
    • Europe, India, Middle East and Africa

The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) offers a wide range of high quality, high consistency plastics - many of which are standardized globally for easy specification, uniform processing, and superior end-product quality. Dow supports this offering by providing information in cutting-edge technologies, offering customers an opportunity to achieve the best results using their fabrication processes.

For each process our customers operate, Dow offers a team of experts, providing an opportunity to achieve application success. Dow's global technical and commercial presence offers unprecedented material, science, and fabrication expertise. When you have technical, process or design issues, you can count on Dow's expert capabilities where and when you need it.

Compounding & Blending
Extrusion Coating/Lamination
Fiber Spinning
Film Extrusion
Molding for Resins
Mono-Oriented Tape and Filament
Sheet Extrusion